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I had the chance to visit with the Walnut Street congregation last week. First time. It would be good if I had the chance to go back.

Their bulletin mentioned a website with some impressive stats of over 200,000 visits through the first week of April. The site (which can be found here) seems to be a resource filled tool.

It contains “lessons” about numerous topics, with several in Spanish. Many of these topical lessons contain several lessons within themselves. In other words, they are basically a biblical series. Some of the lessons contain simple stories from the experiences of other people. The site also contains a section of digital books for those who enjoy that form of media.

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I’m more than happy to recommend…

I’m more than happy to recommend where I work with Lee Parish, Don Gelles , J. Randal Matheny and several other good brethren to preach the truth and strengthen brethren. I continue to stand in awe of these and other brethren as they help people understand the truth.


Favorite spiritual or biblical website b…

Favorite spiritual or biblical website besides TFR? Christian Courier, with Forthright Magazine and Apologetics Press, closely following.

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