Good website for biblical articles in English and Spanish

For a no-where-close-to-fluent Spanish speaker, one of the challenges to finding good biblical articles in Española is being able to understand what you’re reading before you print it out and pass it along to others. Other than using Google-translate (which has its flaws) or having an actual translator near-by (which is not readily available in my case) there aren’t a lot of options that I have been able to find … until now. Continue reading

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Update on transfer of sites

Brotherhood News is offline at the moment. Matt is working on it. It’s the last to get transferred to the new hosting service, and there appear to be some issues with the transfer.

Other sites have been transferred already and are up. Forthright Press has to be redone, with the shopping area added a second time. That doesn’t get transferred automatically.

In other news, The Missus and I fly home to Brazil on Thursday, arriving, Lord willing, Friday morning sometime. It’s been a good visit with friends, family, and supporters. A positive thing about travel also is returning home, sleeping in one’s own bed, and returning to one’s own routine.

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Site transfers in progress, expect a bit of mess

Many of the Forthright/GoSpeak sites are being transferred to a new host server:,,, and others, including my personal site. Such transfers are always a bit messy, so bear with us.

We hope two problems will be solved with this change: (1) Entire IPs should not be blocked any longer, so more people will have access to the site; (2) Search engines will have it easier indexing our sites.

This should encourage many of our Australian and Asian friends.

Our thanks to Matt Clifton for his help in this.

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Over on my blog I asked two questions…

Over on my blog I asked two questions that might also be appropriate here:

1. On what site do you spend most of your time?

2. What is your favorite website?

The two will not necessarily be the same answer, I understand.

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V. E. Howard site improved

The page listing brother Howard’s radio broadcasts at (a subsection of the Old Paths Archive) had so much material on it that it loaded very slowly, even with a fast Internet connection.

This problem has now been solved by listing the main topics only on that page, with links to 103 sub-pages that actually play the lessons.

I urge you to make good use of this material, both for your own instruction and to help others with whom you are studying.

Brother Howard baptized more than 8000 people during his lifetime because of his ability to make what the Bible teaches about difficult topics extremely clear. Doctrinal error prevents many people from becoming Christians, thus error must be refuted before they can accept the truth.

Please examine the topics of his broadcasts and keep them in mind for use in the future.

Listen to some of the lessons that interest you so you can experience the quality of the material.

Even with the slow loading, there were 15,309 visits to during the last year. With the improved access, hopefully even more will benefit from these powerful lessons.

You might inform people in your congregation about these lessons via the bulletin or a bulletin board. May the Lord bless you.

Roy Davison

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Server down for FPress, FMag &c.

The server for Forthright Press, Forthright Magazine,, Believing Prayer, and others appears to be down. At least, we can’t access it from here. Anybody else getting in? It could be routine maintenance, but from the time lapse, one wonders.

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Blessed Hope -E Mail Newsletter- Vol. 2 # 1, Jan 2, 2012

Here is the link to my  Weekly E-Mail to encourage Christians! – 

Thanks to all who have opened, read and  clicked on the links of this newsletter for the last  year or so.  Some of you have  subscribed–hope more will do so– please take time  to  pray first for the outreach, then share this with  others you have  contact with.  I am  getting about a 30%  open rate– I am told that this is  real  good.


A blessed weekend, etc.

‘Twas a busy weekend here, and it wasn’t even a holiday in Brazil. The Maiden started her driving course, the area churches had an all-day fellowship and cookout on Saturday, we had guests for the weekend, and I’ve forgotten other busy details. In all, a blessing.

• Over on the GoSpeak mission ministry site, I shared an annual date dear to our family. I spent most of my day setting up the new website for our Brazilian magazine, which we’ve published, off and on, since the 80s.

• Yesterday’s New Testament reading was Revelation 6, the opening of the first six seals of the scroll. No science fiction film can match the dramatic effect and the suspense of the four horses and their riders, or the souls of the righteous under the altar, or the unrighteous hiding in caves and among the rocks as the universe collapses in upon itself. When God judges, there’s nowhere to run.

• Check out the new entries on, with a new poet in the group.

• Evil worms its way in quietly and grows in strength silently, until it has the power to manifest itself and take control. This influence, one among many strategies of the Father of Lies, applies to individual lives and congregation.

• We extend our sympathy to Betty Choate, whose mother passed away last week. She was 90 years old, active to the end.

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Likes and Dislikes of Websites

What I like about a website is when it is easy to look at and navigate. Pictures are easy to look at; certain colors are attrractive, and font size is important. What I dislike is a website that is cluttered and hard to navigate. A good website to me would be Drudge, Foxnews, Newsmax, Apologetics Press, ETSOP, Brotherhood News, Bucknuts (in my sports partisanship). These are just to name a few (without intending to leave others off that are equally as good, like Stephen Bradd’s – which is very good).

What I mean by navigating is the ease at which information can be found. When I check a church website two things i will always check: “About us” (or something comparable) and “Links.” I think this says as much as I need to know.


Find it all on The Christian Hub

For the best articles, posts, and information in the brotherhood, The Christian Hub pulls together sources from all over and brings them to you in one place. You can even make it your home page, just check the explanations on the site if you need them.

A special feature is Ron Thomas’s Pointers, recommendations of articles that he’s read and which the site has linked to.

Many names you’ll recognize, like Neal Pollard and Cindy Colley, plus many of our own: Weylan, Jeff, Mike R., Richard M., Daniel, plus the BNc, Forthright, and TFR sites.

There are also sections on missions, church websites, The Equip Network, Daniel’s Daily Devotional, and Quick Bible Truths.

It’s all there, on a single page. No wonder it’s called the site to find them all! The Christian Hub!

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Another site link for TFR

Don just mentioned that he has added TFR to the congregation’s links page at

These links are very important. They help people to find us and improve, as I understand the experts to say, our search results when people look for key words on sites like Google.

There’s some interesting material, bulletin articles, classes, sermons, etc., on the Grants Pass website, BTW.

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My involvement with Facebook began only …

My involvement with Facebook began only this year. Someone told me about it and, hoping to find some of my long-lost high school and college friends, I began using it. Not only have I reconnected with many of my school chums, but also I have made a number of new friends and grown closer to more of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m on Twitter, too, but not to any great extent. Hootsuite appears to have potential for posting on both. Since 2008, I’ve been an administrator on, where several good people are preaching and teaching the gospel.

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A brotherhood Bible site

It seems to be a work in progress, but I would like to mention HTH’s Bible site at this link. For now one can search the KJV and ASV, but they hope to have new versions coming online. The idea is to provide a Bible site for NT Christians who, for now, have to go to denominational sites that often sport false teachings. A laudable objective. So visit there, use when you can and keep an idea on its development. (And tell them I sent you.)

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Another Bible site

My friend enjoys using Isn’t it wonderful we have so many sites available to use?


Bible sites

When I’m looking online for verses and concordance searches, I use two main sites:
The NET Bible. The verse search has multiple versions, plus Greek. And there’s a Firefox search add-on for this site, so I plop a verse in the search box, choose NET and it’s there.
Sometimes I want to do a word search in just the NT. I love this site, uses the ESV as base text. No clicking for the next page of verses. It’s all there on one page.