John Henson debuts today as a Forthright Magazine…

John Henson debuts today as a Forthright Magazine columnist, with his venue, “Journeys with Jesus.” He brings his experience as a gospel preacher and his insight into Scripture to this effort. If you’ve not signed up yet, be sure to do so. John is one more good reason to!


Welcome to Josh Gulley

josh-gulleyWe’d like to welcome Josh Gulley as the newest Fellow here on TFR. Josh teaches chorus at DeKalb County High School in Middle Tennessee and attends the congregation in Smithville.

Eugene has posted a number of Josh’s articles from the Smithville church bulletin, so he arrives as a figure already familiar to us. And he’s already made his first post today, which we hope will be the first of many edifying articles.

We had the privilege of meeting Josh earlier this year at Tenn. Bible College’s Spiritual Renewal Lectureship.

Please make Josh feel welcome.

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There are a lot of people who want…

There are a lot of people who want better doorknobs without figuring out how to get a door. A doorknob is useless without a door. If we have faulty thought patterns, we remain confused and will never find what we are looking for. In fact, we can unknowingly prevent ourselves from finding it and then complain that it doesn’t exist.

Brethren say that we cannot use denominational books and materials but then fail to understand where those materials come from. We refuse to support sound brethren to write full-time to produce scholarly works. Then we lament the lack of great books written by brethren.

I don’t understand this at all. Why can’t people make the connections here? I have been wondering this for many years and I still don’t have an answer.

Why can’t we allow qualified brethren to write full-time to produce quality writing? How can we convert the world if we do not have the books, tracts and materials to teach? If we refuse to do it, our only options are to use the writing of false teachers, which we cannot do.

This is called a vicious circle that goes nowhere.

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Interview with Weylan Deaver

In my series of interviews with bloggers, I interview Weylan Deaver today. I hope you will stop by and read his interesting thoughts.

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