Jesus or Yeshua?

Some place a huge a emphasis on Jesus being called Yeshua. I’ve noticed a fair number of TV preachers on the religious channels that obviously agree.

Ever talked with anyone about the topic, or anyone ever talked about it with you? A few years ago I posted a short article on my old blog explaining my view on the matter, but if you’re looking for something slightly more in-depth, Apologetics Press recently posted a “Question and Answer” article on the topic that you might find interesting.

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Wondering out loud about name pronunciations

There are some in the religious world who are quite adamant about biblical names and their pronunciation…or at least a couple of them anyways.

They contend that Jesus isn’t Jesus – it’s Yeshua! They also follow suit with the name YHWH or even Jehovah when it comes to making references about God.

I understand some of the underlying points made by the proponents of the thought, but to me consistency is the key.

Why must the “original” be used with Jesus but not with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua (which is the same as Yeshua), Samuel, David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Nehemiah, and on and on I could go up through the biblical names that we find in the New Testament?

If one can understand who is being talked about when other names are being used that have made their way through Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English (etc.) translations then why can’t the same translations be satisfactory when referencing Jesus and the God of Heaven and Earth?

And if one contends that the original name pronunciation must be used then how can one be confident that they are saying the name correctly when past Jewish cultures (according to my understanding) refused to even pronounce such names as YHWH? And what if your English tongue can’t get rid of the accent that you can’t even hear?! If the name is going to be said, isn’t it supposed to said correctly?

Just wondering out loud here.

Don’t create a spiritual impediment by getting hung up on the pronunciation of a name – instead, focus on the person being talked about. For calling on the name of the Lord has more to do with seeking God than it does with saying the name correctly (Acts 22:16, Romans 10:12-13).

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