Take a Temperature

Of all the advances of medical science during the last 100 years, the most overlooked ones are those improvements in diagnosis.

In 1912, it was difficult to catch diseases at an early stage because there was no way to see inside the human body. Currently, there are several methods: doctors can use x-rays, cat scans (computerized axial tomography) or magnetic resonance testing. In less than five minutes and without much risk to the patient, physicians can see what would have taken exploratory surgery in 1912.

Yet, even though doctors have all these wonderful machines at their command, simple diagnostic tasks continue to be used that can reveal an amazing amount of information about a person’s illness.

An elevated body temperature can determine if there is an infection, inflammation or other inflammatory disease inside the body. While at the time the temperature is taken, a nurse can also count respirations per minute and the pulse rate. Elevated temperatures and increased pulse rates are very suggestive of certain diseases.

While a lower body temperature may not indicate any serious disease, a dropping temperature may signal a problem within a patient’s brain. Lower body temperatures are seen in cases of shock because of blood loss. Close to death, a person’s body temperature will drop and continue dropping. Brain tumors also cause a reduction in the ability of the body to maintain its temperature.

So, a simple test may say just as much as some of the more complex and expensive machines.

Want to determine the spiritual health of a church or an individual Christian? Take the temperature. In a healthy church or person, the temperature for Christ will be very high. You can see the fervor in their attitudes. In a not-so-healthy church or Christian, the fervor will be low. Such attitudes will show a lack of love, concern for the lost and a disregard for the need to teach the gospel.

Jesus warned one church in Revelation 3:15-16 of its decreasing temperature. The Laodicean church was lukewarm; it was neither cold nor hot. It had lost its fervor for its Lord. It had fallen into a desperately ill condition. Its people had become so self-sufficient the church believed it didn’t need anything. It needed to catch fire for the Lord. It needed its temperature to rise.

Want to find out what your spiritual condition is? All one needs to do is take a temperature.

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