Tanning, purple-making and laundering

The Bible mentions tanners, purple makers and launderers. These were jobs fulfilled by the common men and women of their time for the benefit of the multitude.

I recently watched a video that demonstrates how the aforementioned jobs were carried out. Mind you, the video shows how these jobs were carried out during the Victorian times of England so techniques from the first-century (and earlier) may vary a bit but the demonstrations are interesting none-the-less. I will warn you ahead of time, although there is no foul language used in the video, the processes used to accomplish these jobs can be foul in their own way.

The ease at which we are able to buy things in our culture causes most of us to take for granted the production processes performed by others, but we should not forget the benefit of having individuals in our culture who are honest, hard-working, and who are not “too good” to do jobs from which others enjoy receiving the benefit thereof.

So I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was working at his wheel.” (Jeremiah 18:3)

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