Taught in School

In a letter to the editor not too long ago there was this remark: “Those of us that don’t believe in God, know the good or bad that comes to this nation is solely the work and responsibility of humans” (Mattoon-Charleston Gazette, 11.20.2012). It is true that good or bad that results in society is the work of man, by and large. In our country, however, those in government (many of them anyway) have confused what is actually good or bad. Abortion is good, homosexual marriage is good, sexual partners in non-marital arrangements is good, but teaching biblical morality in school is bad. Go figure!

England, on the other hand, a socially liberal country, has begun to experience a shift. 64% of those surveyed believe Christianity should be taught in the schools, and 51% of those believe “that Christianity provides a moral compass that helps children decipher right from wrong,” and this should also be taught in the schools (newsnow.com//culture/2012/12/01).

I agree. RT