Teaching Revelation

I am teaching the Sermon on the Mount and we are starting chapter seven tonight. Soon, we will be through with this study and ready to begin Revelation. This will be my third time to teach the book through the years. I am by no means an expert on all the intricacies of the book.

With great trepidation,  I first began to teach it as a young preacher. Yet, when I got into the study and saw the cycles of thought, the book became less imposing.

When I teach Revelation, I don’t get bogged down with the symbolism.  The book has a message from  God and teaches many valuable lessons. It is not a labyrinth to wander in forever. The points are made without digging in that deeply. Whether the Roman ruler is Domitian or Nero, the main points are still the same.

The real problem with teaching the book is with materials that you use. Everyone has such wildly divergent beliefs about the book that it makes it difficult to know what to use. Clearly, I will not use anyone who teaches premillinalism. In that vein, it is hard for me to teach Revelation without pointing out the obvious errors that people teach about the book.

It interests me that Revelation works at two levels simultaneously. You have what it meant to the persecuted saints of John’s day and you have the overall battle of God and Satan in our own day. Lose track of either of these paths and you miss a wealth of material.

What are your thoughts about teaching the book?

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