Tennessee Bible College

When I was a kid, we moved from Fort Worth (Texas) to Cookeville (Tennessee) in 1979 so Dad could teach at Tennessee Bible College (he had been teaching at the Brown Trail School of Preaching, where my grandfather was director). My grandfather moved to Cookeville about the same time to become vice-president of TBC. Little did I know that, some thirty years later, I would be back in Fort Worth, but teaching a TBC class via their new distance learning program. You may or may not be interested in pursuing college coursework yourself, but this is at least a good program to be aware of–and, you may be able to refer others to it. My “Early and Medieval Church History” class begins today and it looks like four students so far. Mike Hogan directs the distance learning wing of the school. Check it out at: http://www.tbcdistancelearning.com/

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