Texas toast

Here are some short news and notes on this Saturday before heading off to a meeting.

  • I’ve revamped the Cloudburst Syndicated Poetry site, after years of stagnation. The site, not the poetry.
  • I’m still locked out of the sites on our server host, including my personal weblog. O thou traitor, Technology!
  • Great visit yesterday with Americans Jeremy and Will. They’ll swing back through next Wed.
  • Loved this line, though still respectful that the icon holds a special place in Texan hearts: “Big Tex is Texas Toast.”
  • In my Cloudburst poem today, I go from Big Tex to November elections.
  • To attenuate the loss of friends, through death, moves, drifting apart, make new ones along your way.
  • R. Foster wrote a book on three biggies: money, sex, and power. Great gifts, great abuses.