TFR Fellow Jeff Jenkins wrote on his blo…

TFR Fellow Jeff Jenkins wrote on his blog yesterday about the importance of remembering names. He starts out by telling how he got caught short one Sunday.

It was Friends’ Day and the building was packed. I was standing in the front of the building speaking to a few folks before we had our official welcome where we would stand and greet our visitors. One of our sweet little girls who sat on about the third row every week with her parents came running up to me and stuck her doll up in my face. She said, “Brother Jeff, I brought my friend to church today.” I said, “That’s wonderful, what is her name?” She shook her finger at me and said, “Brother Jeff, her name is Emma, you should have known her name, she’s been to this church before!”

Be sure to read his article, “You Should Know Her Name!”.

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