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J. Randal Matheny’s brilliant idea on favorite prayers yesterday jogged all of our minds, didn’t it? It kept reverberating in mine (it’s got a lot of room to roam) well after midnight. I couldn’t get to sleep because my heart (mind) was still racing about it. There’s a sermon here, I thought. It connects with Phil Sanders’ speech at Ohio Valley, too. Then it hit me. It’s yours now, for whatever it’s worth.

Intro: (You’ll need to work on this. I’m opening with James 5:16.)

1. Events of the recent past with the threats against Congress, Senators. Taking law into their own hands; one group wants to form a militia.

2. Here’s a more powerful way to deal with what ails the world: PRAYER. Let’s give it to God and keep doing OUR work.

3. Power of prayer undisputed. God always hears his people when they pray.

4. James 5:16

I. The prayer of Daniel 9.

A. Daniel confesses the sin of Israel and asks forgiveness.

B. Washington plays the blame game, no one accepts responsibility: perhaps we should learn something from Daniel.

II. Prayer of our Lord in John 17.

A. The Lord prayed for his apostles.

B. The Lord prayed for US, too.

1. Verse 26 “and will make it known,” are we?

2. What do we need to do to make the Lord’s expectations of us come true?

III. Prayer of the church Acts 4:24ff

A. The enemies are many and great, still.

B. But may we speak your word with all boldness (confidence, NASU).

C. The place was shaken. God answers prayer even now.

D. What is our prayer?

1. Sanders’ “The Fellowship of the Unashamed Revised”

2. What is our prayer? May it be that we will speak thy word with all BOLDNESS.

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