TFT: Prayer For Any Need, Anywhere, Anyhow

  • YOU CAN PRAY FOR ANY NEED — for lengthened life, as Hezekiah did; for help, as Daniel did; for light, as Bartimaeus did; for mercy, as David did; for rain, as Elijah did; for a son, as Hannah did.
  • YOU CAN PRAY ANYWHERE — in the deep, like Jonah; on the housetop, like Peter; on your bed, like Hezekiah; on the mountain, like Jesus; in the wilderness, like Hagar; in the street, like Jairus; in the cave, like David; on the cross, like the dying thief.
  • YOU CAN PRAY ANYHOW — short, as Peter and the publican did; long, like Moses at the consecration of the Tabernacle, or Solomon at the dedication of the Temple.
  • YOU CAN PRAY IN SILENCE, as Hannah did in the Temple; in your secret thoughts, as Nehemiah did before Darius; or aloud, as did the Syrophoenician woman; in tears, as Magdalene did; in groans or songs, as David did.
  • YOU CAN PRAY ANY TIME — in the morning, as David did; at noon, as Daniel did; at midnight, as Paul and Silas did; in childhood, as Samuel did; in youth, as Timothy did; in manhood, as the centurion did; in age, as Simeon did; in sickness, as Job did; or in death, like Jacob and the dying Christ.

“Thoughts For Today To Brighten Your Day”

From: Glenn, Mercedes & Lauren Hitchcock