Thank God for His Love, Too

While you’re enjoying fried chicken or steak cooked in honor of the birth of the United States, think for a moment of the eternal love God showed his people.

God preserved Israel from the sword of Egypt. Remember: Israel was in a foreign land. It was in bondage. Israel was separated from its land; the Promised Land had not yet been revealed to Israel. It was separated by a desert, the Desert of Sinai and the vast Eastern Desert. And, Israel’s return was not by its own might, but by the might of God who brought the plagues upon Egypt and parted the Red Sea.

God preserved Judah from the sword of Babylon. Remember: Judah was in a foreign land, Babylon. It was in bondage. Israel was separated from its land, Palestine. It was separated by a vast distance, most of it desert. And, the return of a remnant of Judah was not by its own power, but by the power of God’s providence in giving Babylon into the hand of Cyrus, the Medo-Persian king.

God, by his eternal love, preserved us from sin and death: you and me. We were in a foreign land, the land of sin. We were in bondage to sin―captive to it. We were separated from our rightful place: by the side of God who created us and thrown by our own actions into the wilderness of sin. Our return is not by our own might, but by the grace of God (Ephesians 2:8f).

Those who are New Testament Christians know these things to be true. Shouldn’t we be thankful, then, not only for this country of freedom, but also for the freedom from sin that God gave us by the son of his love (John 3:16)?

Don’t forget to give thanks to God for his eternal love on this Independence Day.

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