Thanks to the Fellows

After our first two full months of activity here on TFR, I’d like to thank the Fellows for their fine job of sharing their hearts and minds with our visitors and readers. It’s no measure of the exceptional quality, but I noted in the archives menu in the right column that in December there were 271 posts, and 355 in January. That’s one small measure of progress.

I read every single post made by the Fellows, and I think I’m catching all the comments as well. Without exception — let me repeat, without exception — every post has excellent content, and every Fellow brings to the site a unique perspective, a special gift, a precious experience to share.

In the short time since we launched, and that on something of the spur of the moment, though the idea and plan were present for a long time, this site has moved far beyond and above what I envisioned. I ask the Lord that it may not be a temporary blip on the Internet, but a permanent presence that brings to us all the wisdom of God, the light of Christ and the fellowship of his Spirit.

Thank you all, for I have been and continue to be blessed above measure.