That tea-party meet in middle Tenn.

A few weeks ago, TFR received a comment from a Mr. Rebel criticizing a church in middle Tennessee for hosting a tea-party event. I’d said I’d get back to comment on that, but in the press of other duties, let it slip.

I did check on the event. I know some people in the county, in other congregations, and nobody there had heard of the event. That raised a flag.

Then I noticed, from a web search, that the writer lived, as I recall, in Henderson, Tenn. His first name was Chester, which is the name of the county of which Henderson is the seat. Taking his first and last names, it looked from all accounts like a pseudonym, so I decided against pursuing his point.

To close the subject, I posted, today, on my personal website a statement by another Tenn., congregation about the work of the Lord, which expresses well my sentiments about the subject, and there I’ll be happy to leave it.

If I’m wrong about Mr. Rebel’s pseudonym, I’ll be happy to apologize. But he’s not bothered to write again, so we’ll let the subject sleep for now.

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