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Working kingdom business is as farming. One has to be managing and working many fields and all the livestock at the same time. So here’s what happening on the AIM Farm here in Cape Town:

1. Organizing a pallet shipment of 140 Teacher’s Bibles to Liberia. (This should go out next week.)

2. Organizing two pallet shipments of Teacher’s Bibles (280 copies) to Cameroon. (This should go out in the next two weeks.

3. Just sent a small container of Teacher’s Bibles to the northern region of South Africa called Venda.

4. Working on future shipments of the Teacher’s Bible to the following destinations:



(After these shipments, we will have only about 900 Teacher’s Bibles remaining, which copies we will hold for our Restoration Seminars.)

5. Labeling and sending out issue 54 of the African Chronicle (100,000 readership) (This will go out next week.)

6. Printing issues 55 & 56 of the African Chronicle next week.

7. Label and send out Chronicle 55 in two weeks, and 56 in four weeks.

8. Printing 50,000 Gospel Charts next week for distribution during Restoration Seminars.

9. Receiving from printer 10,000 of the 2,000 page Biblical Research Library (45 tons of material)

10. We have conducted three Restoration Seminars in the last three weeks. Planning three more for the next four weeks.

11. Completing the final revisions for the next printing of the Teacher’s Bible, which we hope to be able to send to the press within a month if the funds are available.

12. Continuing to programme more books for the Biblical Research Library DVD, which has now doubled in size since the last edition.

13. We have sent out about 10,000 BRL DVDs in the last three months.

14. I will be traveling for the first two weeks of April, traveling for seminars and lectureships.

15. I have completed the EBOOK: The Religious Sectarian, and will send it out in about a month.

16. Advice for future African evangelists: I just corrected the misalignment of the Land Cruiser two days ago. I went to have the front aligned for the 2,000 mile trip I am about to make. The shop said the back differential was out of alignment, and thus, I needed to take the vehicle to a specialty shop that would charge me about $1,000 to correct it. (Didn’t tell him that I had pulled out at least 50 trees with the Land Cruiser throughout the years.) Problem was, the pulling chain attachment was on the left side of the chassis, so that side lagged a little in alignment. Now I knew I could use that $1,000 for something better. So to correct the problem, it just took a little Kansas farm boy ingenuity. I found a relatively large tree stump, chained the right side of the chassis to the stump. With a few sturdy jerks on the chain, problem solved! Now I have $1,000 saved to go out to eat. Right?

(Mike and Mary Nowland from the Eastwood church in Hutchinson, Kansas will be arriving on Friday for two weeks of labor on the AIM Farm. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into.)

Roger & Martha Dickson

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