The Anesthetic of Sin

My wife was quite amused during my last appointment with an oral surgeon.

What caused her laughter was what I said after the procedure was over. While I was under the influence of the anesthetic, I said some silly, stupid things that bore no relationship to good sense.

People living in sin don’t realize that they say and do some wrong and foolish things. Isaiah described some of these in Isaiah 5:18-19. First, there is a picture of people dragging a cart laden with iniquity with “cords of falsehood.” They are hopeless servants of sin who don’t realize the price they are paying.

Instead of a cart pulled by animals, deceived and captive people dragged it. These poor people lied to themselves about how great idolatry was. Their sin showed their misunderstanding. They were the servants of sin pulling a heavy cart.

Sin is like a mosquito. The small insect has a numbing agent in its saliva that produces a nearly painless puncture of human skin without the host knowing what it does. Sin’s anesthetic is so powerful the ones enslaved by it think they’re free. The truth is, iniquity is the master that has its servants dragging its cart.

The deception of Judah by sin was effective. The people mocked God’s prophecy of judgment by telling God to hurry up on his threats of captivity. They shouted that God should fulfill his purpose so that they could know it (Isaiah 5:19).

How lost are those who have been deceived and deadened by sin’s sting! How little do they understand the slippery slope they are sliding to their destruction.

Has sin deceived you? Are you living in rebellion against God not caring what may happen to your soul? If so, it’s time to overcome sin by obeying the gospel and leaving the bondage of sin. Are you dragging a cart around as its slave?