The best compliment someone gave me this week

I am going to Costa Rica, Lord willing, on March 22 and will not be returning until July 19. I have been really worried about the money, because someone who said that they were going to help with the expenses has not been forthcoming, so my money is very tight right now.

On Monday, I was having work done on a very painful tooth.  Dr. Atkins who was working on the tooth said the roots were too small for him to work on, so he wanted to send me to an endodontist. When they called to make the appointment, I was told that it would cost $1088!! I told the assistant at Dr. Atkins’ office that we would have to just pull the tooth because I could not afford that. She made the appointment anyway, saying that she would talk to Dr. Atkins and have him talk to Dr. Shoemaker about a discounted price.

When I got to Dr. Shoemaker’s office, he started the process (I am getting the actual root canal done today) and when I went to the payment counter to find out what I owed, the office manager said that Dr. Shoemaker was going to give me a 50% discount, and that Dr. Atkins was going to pay the other 50%!!  I was totally shocked!

Then the office manager said, “The work you are doing is very important.”

I couldn’t help it. I started to cry.