The Blessing of Following Jesus

Too many people think of following Jesus as a hardship when in fact it’s a huge blessing. Walking in the steps of Jesus, keeps us from a multitude of sins and a corresponding multitude of heartaches. Take a realistic look at the ultimate end of wild parties, sexual promiscuity, anger, greed, and all the other traps of Satan and tell me–is it really worth it? Not from what I see in the lives of those who have made one bad choice after another for a decade or two. In their wake are broken families and broken dreams. They often turn to alcohol and drugs to mask their sadness and end up destroying their health–and they have the nerve to advertise this as the good life. Friends, don’t be deceived by the treachery of the devil! Jesus I thank you for showing us the best way to live. What a blessing!

#blessings, #discipleship