The Board of Absentees

My friend, Larry Acuff, in his Lithia Springs Church of Christ bulletin wrote an article about a church that formed a “board of absentees.”

This “board” was charged with the responsibility of discussing ways to keep church attendance low, quash enthusiasm or hinder any revival efforts or visitation programs.

At the close of the article, Acuff included the story of a little old man who went to church every Sunday morning. The man was deaf and could not hear the service or any of the hymns sung by others. Someone asked him why he attended, since he couldn’t hear or participate. The old man said he went because he wanted his neighbors to know which side he was on.

So few understand absenteeism that way. If they refuse to attend they are showing others whose side their on (James 4:17).

Acuff closed the article with a poem:

I wish you folks would come to church

if only for a visit.

For some day they will carry you in,

And the Lord will say, “Who is it?”

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