The Christmas Bacon

Today’s Daily Nudge asks the Fellows’ perspective on Christmas. I’m looking forward to their replies. Some people find it problematic, like a close friend of mine, and don’t celebrate it in any form. Others go whole hog, as we used to say in Arkansas. (I was never a whole-hog person myself, since I didn’t like snouts or feet; I stick with bacon.)

Anyway, I hope there’s some bacon in my perspective on Christmas offered up yesterday on Forthright Magazine, called “Baby Jesus“.

Ten-year-old Daniel was with us for the afternoon on Sunday, so my daughter and he put up our tree and decorated it. Nothing like having a child around to make the holiday sparkle.

Christmas is a time for family, and even though our sons and daughters-in-law are on different continents, we’ll feel them nearer than on most days. I hope you can hug your family members tight.

Before people get whisked away in the bustle of the Yuletide, let me get in my first Christmas blessing to you, praying the Lord will give you joy and safety during the season. Remember that the true joy comes from a relationship with the Lord, so that, regardless of our circumstances, pleasures or trials now, we have a peace and hope that reach into the heavens. If you don’t have that, start here. And take it all the way home.

A blessed Christmas to all, and to all a good fight of faith.

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