The color white–a day late

As a farmer, I’m begging you, don’t give me anything white. Pioneer seed corn gave out white hats one year. What were they thinking?? How’s a farmer going to keep a cap like that clean?

Even in my pre-farming days I had already developed a disdain for white. From before I was born until after I had left for college, my folks had a white car with a black interior. Four to be exact. And yes, we spent a lot of time washing the car. It was by hand in those days.

Remember when guys started wearing white pants? Was that early seventies? Yeah, I had a pair. In a very short time I determined white was not for me. If those pants stayed clean for 5 minutes I considered myself lucky.

The obvious conclusion, pure white is not for me. It’s the pure part I can’t seem to manage, but God clearly handles it well.

White comes up frequently in the Bible, from manna to white stones to white-robed angels to the dazzling white of Jesus’ transfiguration. Think about this last one.

Mark 9:3 records, “His clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them.” (NIV) Dazzling. Doesn’t that one word help us understand just how bright the white was? Other translations use words like radiant, glistening, and shining.

Mark chose an interesting way to describe this dazzling white, He said they were “whiter that anyone could bleach them.” I use bleach to clean out equipment. It’s unbelievable how a few little drops of bleach can turn my blue jeans into blue and very white jeans. Some of you might be drawing conclusions regarding my ability to keep my clothes decent. . .and you might be right!

But someday, even I will be wearing white. This is what Jesus said in Revelation 3:5 (NIV), “He who overcomes will, like them, be dressed in white.” So will mine stay white? I’ll have to trust what Jesus said, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Luke 18:27 (NIV)

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