The day holds great promise

I was awakened early this morning by somebody’s sunrise Easter service. It must have started around 4 or 4:30 a.m. It was a long way away, but loudspeakers were blaring and distorting the sound. Maybe they thought that since the resurrection of Christ was a disturbing event, they’d disturb others as well.

The day holds great promise, not because it’s Easter on somebody’s calender, but because it is the Lord’s day.

I whispered this prayer this morning already. It was early, and I misspelled Sunday in the link. But the Lord heard it anyway. Pray it with me.

I celebrated a small goal this morning, as I sent out the 21st Portuguese devotional for the month, that I’d prepared last night. I’m not clockwork like Don R. That guy just doesn’t miss a lick.

Why do normal people wish a merry Christmas, but a happy Easter? One of those inexplicable language mysteries, I guess. I say normal to exclude politically correct people who are abnormal.

We had a good day yesterday on TFR in number of hits, if not number of posts. The Fellows abandoned me for dyed eggs, I guess.

Here, we do better than hard-boiled, colored chicken eggs. It’s eggs made of chocolate. Eat you heart out, John.

The sunrise service has faded, the sun has risen, though hidden behind clouds. The forecast calls for rain most of the week. Time for a bath and meeting with the saints, before long.

Make your day for the Lord.

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