The Deeper Problem

As if we needed another example of the decaying morals in our society,

Suggestive NJ billboard of jeans ad to come down

Mayor Cory A. Booker …  framed it as part of a general decline in standards.

“It’s an issue of what are community standards and why are we consistently condoning language, images and other things that erode those standards,” he said. “This billboard is not the only thing that we should be concerned with. It’s a symptom of a deeper problem that we have to confront within our communities.”

Yes, it is symptomatic of a deeper problem: we, as a society, have shut God out of our communities, our schools,  our homes, and our individual lives.  So why are we really surprised that the very values and morals that God has given us to abide by are no longer a part of our lives?

At least there is some hope here. Someone in this community found this offensive. That’s a start.

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