The Difference In Generations

The Nudge asks, “How is your life different from that of your parents?”

My life has experienced the following which my parents did not have to experience 50-80 years ago:

1. More work with less pay, caused by inflation and greed (in my parent’s society, a dime was worth a dime).

2. Greater cost of living because of inflation (associated with number 1).

3. More job layoffs due to poor economic conditions (I’ve been laid off multiple times – never got to retire).

4. Faster pace of life because of poor economic conditions – have to work two or more jobs just to survive (parents lived on a farm – a much slower pace and plus they grew their own healthy food).

5. Less human interaction because of a lack of trust (terrorists, robbers, thieves – I’m speaking of those in Washington :)). In parent’s society, more trust in people, resulting in more human interaction (could this have something to do with church growth?).

6. Live in a more paranoid society than my parents, because of terrorists and their tactics.

7. More drugs (either legal or illegal) than in my parent’s generation, resulting in a more immoral society.

8. Less spirituality in my generation than in my parent’s generation brought about by trying to “keep up with the Joneses” (it can’t be done!). There are less members of the Lord’s church today than ever before – we’re stressing either the wrong priorities, or not stressing the right priorities of life to our children (Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 6:1-4).

9. The educational system in my parent’s generation was second to none. You actually learned how to read, write, spell, and do math (required thinking!). Today, very little of that education takes place, because of “political correctness” and the TAKS test (which teaches you absolutely nothing but what’s on that test). There’s no question in my mind that our society is being “dumbed down”:

10. There is far more reliance on government in my generation than in my parent’s generation. For the most part, we now live in a welfare state, which did not exist in my parent’s generation (to the same degree at least). People wanted to work back then instead of being on the government welfare rolls. The ingenuity and pride of doing a job well-done and right the first time, reigned during my parent’s generation – not so in this present generation.

Didn’t mean to get off on my soapbox, but I believe we can see a vast difference in my parent’s generation and my generation today. It’s not the same industrious and spiritually inclined generation folks, and that’s sad.

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