The Doors of Opportunity

While flying home yesterday, I picked up the January 14 edition of USA Today. It was at the bottom of page 1D. The headline read, “Hollywood’s newest motto: In God we trust”. The article asserted that Hollywood is now pushing movies that feature faith (something they have long been unwilling to even mention in the movies of a godless nation). The conclusion of the author, and I tend to agree, is that the reason for this phenomenon is that faith is selling. For now. People need God because times are hard, so they are turning to Him. When times get better, things will change again. How sad, but true.

There is one bright spot I see in this: opportunity. If the people at this time are opening their hearts to God, then the ground is growing more fertile. Yes, some will later turn their backs on God, but some will not. We must use this time to teach so that hopefully the seed will take and the roots will grow deep before better times come. It is time to seize the day before the doors of opportunity close. The harvest is plenty. The workers are few.

#evangelism, #opportunity