The early church

Hi, Daniel, while you’re on the fly, you might want to drop in on this conference:

In recent decades Evangelicalism has witnessed an increased interest in the faith and practices of the early Church.  Yet, many seem to be largely unaware of the influence of the writings of the early Church Fathers on eighteenth- and nineteenth- century evangelicals.

Inspired by the literature of the early church, a growing number of evangelicals have begun to reconfigure their ecclesial practices and pay renewed attention to classical Christian doctrines.

The Spring gathering will explore why some evangelicals in the past have ignored the early church, and attempt to reclaim the rootedness of Evangelicalism suggesting new pathways along which evangelicals may engage the early church in vital partnership.

Keynote Speaker:
Everett Ferguson, “Why Study Early Christian History and Literature?
(Thursday evening keynote lecture is free and open to the public.)

Bro. Ferguson always has interesting and challenging things to say. I wonder how many of the evangelicals there will get the message?

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