The end didn’t come, but 20 people did

The end didn’t come this afternoon in SJCampos, but twenty people did, not counting our family, descending on our small house for a men’s and women’s meeting. The ladies took the living room, while the men met under the back varanda.

Socorro taught the ladies, subject matter was the devil, while I led the men in a discussion of prophecies, end times, and private interpretations. Dona Ritinha, an elderly lady converted last year, led her first public prayer among the women when Socorro asked her to open the meeting. Vicki said she did a great job of it.

We got started at 5:30 p.m., about 30 minutes later than scheduled (does that bug Americans?), and the meetings lasted about an hour. Then came the tea, which included as well, soft drinks, sandwiches, cakes and pies, and lots of visiting and chatting together. A bit of counseling in the middle of it as well. The last visitors left about 8:30 p.m. Is that a long meeting for Americans?

Shortly, I’ll have some pictures up on my personal website. Or Flickr. Or somewhere. I’ll post the link here. (Too much chocolate-passion-fruit mousse pie (wife’s translation.)