The Fallacy of Legalized Marijuana

There are many who contend, defend, promote and even legislate for the legalization of marijuana (a.k.a. cannabis, weed, pot, dope, mary jane, green, wacky baccy, bud and whatever other street name you can think of) on the basis of if it’s legalized it will do away with the major problems associated with it. And to that I say garbage.

Is alcohol not legal? And is alcohol not involved in an exorbitant amount of crime committed every day in America? Of course it is. The statistics can’t be denied on any logical basis.

Are prescription drugs not legal? But in the state of Tennessee prescription drugs make up the number one drug problem for Tennesseans receiving state-funded substance abuse treatment services. I have no doubt that multiple states in our Union have similar problems.

Look at the world’s cultures that are saturated with drugs – legalized drugs – and you’ll see cultures that are hurting physically, mentally, financially and spiritually because of them, and for anyone who believes the fallacy that legalized marijuana will do anything but contribute to the problems that the American culture deals with on a daily basis they are simply as oblivious to the problem as the pot smoker is to the smell.