The Flood of 1990

The little town of Elba, Alabama can only be gotten to by going downhill. It could be dammed up and make a wonderful fishing pond, complete with the antiquated courthouse for the fish to dwell. It was in that little town that we lived in 1990 when the famous flood came and changed our lives forever.

We lived three blocks from the county courthouse. The rain was coming down in hard sheets and it woudn’t stop. I felt an uneasiness that I had never felt before that something bad was going to happen. We went to stay with mother on the outskirts of town. As the day ended and the night progressed we noticed streets were filling with water. There was no place for the water to go, so it started rising and our little town began filling up. The levee around the city was protecting the city from the higher water outside it, but the levee broke on the morning of March 17, 1990, and the bowl filled up. Inside the bowl of Elba was our house and two vehicles, and everything we treasured and thought we needed.

No one lost their life in the flood. The memories are vivid still.