The good and bad of my work

The good of my work is the wonderful opportunity of having time to study God’s word and find little nuggets of gold I’ve never considered before.

Saturday, I was studying Luke 9, using William Barclay’s Bible studies series as a guide when I noticed something he pointed out in the book. Barclay said Jesus came down from the mountain of transfiguration to resume his work. It must have been wonderful to be up there with Moses and Elijah seeing the glorified Son of God, but it was just as important to come down and start working again.

Then, the apostles turned to one of their favorite themes: which one was going to be the greatest in the kingdom. Didn’t they listen to Jesus in 9:23-27? Did they not understand the significance of Jesus coming down from glory to continue his service to God and man? Didn’t they understand why Jesus pointed the way to the cross in verse 44? Would they understand the figure of the child Jesus would show them?

Can we understand how great the call of service is?

The bad part of my work is seeing the same kind of failings in some of my brethren and wondering if they’ll ever understand.

So, I’ll keep trying.

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