The grace of suffering for his cause

• Richard H. told me his modem was hit after a storm this morning, so it’ll be a couple of days before he’s back online. He asked me to post the 100 Days of Scripture for him until then. Here’s a secret: Richard sends the email to the Posterous site, which then updates TFR automatically. So it looks like Richard posted Gal. 1:9 today, on his account, but I earn all the glory. Now I can post anything in his name. <insert evil laugh here>

• A little bird told me that one of my articles today is getting some attention on a closed group. Not all good attention at that. But I rejoice that some are having an opportunity of hearing a bit of truth. Whether they accept it or not is between them and the Lord.

• I spent most of the day at the office, without Internet connection, working on some projects. I’m still in one piece.

• Working on Philippians 1 today, I was struck again by this verse: “For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him” (Php 1.29 NLT). “Given … the privilege” is literally “to grant graciously,” verb from the root of “grace.” Many today make grace into license, while Paul sees it as God’s gift of suffering for and with Christ. What a difference from our entertainment-crazed society that revels in its passions and ungodly desires!

• This gift of suffering is part and parcel of our mission as God’s people. To evangelize implies suffering. I dare say we have little evangelism among us, because we have few willing to suffer. What do you think?

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