The Great Physician

The great physician wants people to come, but He wants them to come because they want what He can give (Matthew 8:19-22). A physician is of no value to the one who refuses or neglects a physical solution to a physical problem. Job looked upon his friends as being “physicians of no value” when they tried to remedy his ailment (Job 13:4; cf. 16:2). What good can one as great as Jesus do for us (me)? Our text this morning tells us that one as great as Jesus will be of no value to one who does not see that he (she) is sick! On the other hand, when one sees himself as he ought to see, to Jesus he goes. Why would he go to Jesus? Consider those who did:

Jesus’ Healing.
A. One who was a leper (8:1-4).
B. One who was a paralytic (8:5-13).
C. One with a fever (8:14-17).
D. One who was demon possessed (8:28-34).

These people saw themselves as they ought to have and came to Jesus for healing. They saw their sin-sickness, and now what stops us from seeing ours?

Jesus’ Healing Us.
A. He heals us when we have no faith (or little of it). Mark 9:14-27
B. He heals us when we are afraid. Matthew 14:22-33
C. He heals us when we are angered. Matthew 5:21-26
D. He heals us when we are confused. Matthew 15:15-20
E. He heals us when we are insecure. John 6:37-39
F. He heals us when we are weak. Matthew 9:27-29

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