The Greek Mind

It has been said that the Greeks were people of great intellectual ability. It has also been said that “the Greeks placed no value on humility” (Roper, p. 437). To have great intellectual ability means that one is not to submit to being humble, right? Perhaps if we accepted some of that which had been said about the Greeks long ago! Fortunately, we don’t have to look (and accept) the Greeks of long ago; instead, let us look unto Jesus. Humility is strength. It is strong when the circumstances around you are erupting; it is strength when others are exalting you to a point you have never been, or even want to go to; it is strong when the criticisms fly around like bullets in the midst of an intense battle. The Greeks placed no value on being humble, and I wonder why they gave up so much strength! The Lord humbled Himself for our benefit – now that’s a bit of strength that I want to emulate.

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