The Hypocrisy of Our Legal System and Abortion

There is a local story here in Tennessee that has been playing out for quite some time now. It involves a mother a woman who kept her pregnancy with twins a secret only to have the situation become very public after she suffocated each of them the moment they were born.

There has been plenty of head scratching/heart breaking moments that has followed since the details have come out in the trial. But to me, one of the most shocking things is the hypocritical nature of legal system concerning the thing…the crime that this woman has committed. She virtually did nothing any different from what already happens every day in our country with the support of our legal system! She performed a late-term, at-home abortion! She now faces multiple charges, including first degree murder, and rightly so, but how is it that multiple thousands of people can make the same decision but there are no legal consequences at all because they allow a “medical professional” to commit to the murder???

A few things that this case has shown once again are that a pregnant woman carries life within her womb and that abortion is sad and it is murder.

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