The Last True Evangelist

It is tempting to begin this post with a line from a movie entitled, “The Right Stuff.”

Supposedly, Astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper was asked, “Who’s the best pilot you ever saw?” He answered, “Well, I’ve seen a lot of ’em.” But, then, he gave his stock answer: “You’re looking at him.”

But instead of stooping to a movie line to answer, I’ll say someone you may have never seen. Perhaps, you have. His name is Charles Williams. He has been preaching for the New Union Church of Christ in Manchester, Tennessee for the last 30+ years.

Working together with his elders, Charles has built what used to be a little country church into one that has between 250 and 300 in attendance each Lord’s day. He taught and baptized most of them. However, that wasn’t enough. He set his sights on Panama and did some remarkable work there, and then saw the fields ripe unto harvest in Russia and began working there. Through his efforts, and those who helped him, two churches have been planted in Russia and several have been taught the gospel and obeyed it.

All of this has come at a high price for Charles and his wife, Diane. Some years ago, she was diagnosed with a painful disease, Lupus, I believe. There’s been hardly a day she hasn’t suffered. Charles could have used his wife’s sickness as an excuse to slow down, but hasn’t.

With all he does, he’s always a moment to listen to some poor, lost soul. I know. There have been times he’s listened to me.

Hopefully, the day when he finally lays down the book he’s preached so well will not come for many, many years. Who’s the last, true evangelist I’ve ever seen? You’re looking at him: it’s Charles.

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