The least useful book in the Bible

What do you consider to be the least useful book in the Bible? Might it be the same one as the least read? Is that the case for you?

This thought came to me this morning as I read 1 Chronicles 27, a chapter of four different lists of people who served during King David’s reign:

In contrast to the detail that the writer gives in the lists of the Levites, there is only a brief summary of David’s military and civil leaders. Each month 24,000 men were required to do one month’s military service. The twelve commanding officers (who took turns at commanding this fighting force, one month at a time) all belonged to David’s group of ‘mighty men’ (27:1-15; see 11:10-47). Three other lists name the leaders of Israel’s tribes (16-24), the officials who looked after the king’s farmlands (25-31), and the king’s close advisers (32-34). (BBC)

As part of my reading for today, I look for application to my life in Christ and service to God. One has to do more work to find such application here. But something can be found. How do you apply this chapter for spiritual benefit?

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