The Local Church

When Paul addressed the Corinthian church,, he addressed the local church. To that church, he mentioned they were the Temple of God and if anyone defiles (NKJV) the temple of God, God will destroy that “defiler.”

In what way can one defile? One can defile the local congregation by having a carnal spirit, a fleshly spirit that seeks to satisfy self rather than submit to God. One can defile a congregation by being factious, divisive (Titus 3:10), by being immoral (5:1), and by teaching doctrines not in accordance with the Lord expressed will (2 John 9-11).

Those who defile the local church will answer the Lord; while men forget or think time passing will sooth the tumultuous situation of years ago – the Lord does not forget.

God looks upon the local church as a sacred body where His Spirit dwells (1 Cor. 3:16-17). How do you regard the local church?

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