The Lord’s Crown of Life

Temptation is an inward desire to alter one’s course of thinking. That suggested altered course of thinking could be a matter of sin, or not! The inward desire that encourages us to alter our way of thinking away from the revealed will of the Lord and away from the principles of righteousness is sin. The Lord said we are blessed (not necessarily happy) when we have endured the temptation that has been presented to us because the end result of such continued endurance is the Lord’s crown of life. When we are tested can we say that it is the same as being tempted? The answer is no. No matter the source of a temptation, that temptation produces an internal desire to alter the course of righteousness, it is a solicitation to evil. A test does not do this, though it can affect the internal desire, but it is designed to firm up our spiritual shield (James 1:2-4). James says that God tries men for the purpose of determining the genuineness of their faith; he denies that God tests man for the purpose of seducing them to sin (Woods, p. 59). Have you passed your test? RT