The mess we’re in!

I was reading from G. G. Findlay’s Exposition of Ephesians (part of the Expositor’s Bible series) and want to share something he wrote (Eph 5:7-14). Findlay compared the influence Christianity has on society in regard to its morality, ethics and reverence to a great tree rooted in God’s grace and blessing. He warned of men, who fail to see this connection, and their determination to “assert the dignity of man” and establish morality independent of divine cause. Here is the part that captured me: “moral effects do not follow upon their causes as rapidly as physical effects: they follow as certainly. We live largely on the accumulated ethical capital of our forefathers. When that is spent, we are left to our intrinsic poverty of soul, to our faithlessness and feebleness. The skepticism of one generation bears fruit in the immorality of the next; . . . the unbelief and cynicism of the teacher in the vice of his disciple.” This was written around 1891.

What vision! Findlay saw the fruit of Darwinian evolution, German higher criticism and Hegelian philosophy long before it produced the moral chaos and spiritual decline we live in today.