The Micah Mandate

A former US presidential candidate, and current US Senator, just asked potential US Attorney General candidate Merrick Garland if he would follow “The Micah Mandate” if he were to become the acting AG of the US Department of Justice.

As a part of the discussion, the current Senator began to describe what “The Micah Mandate” is by saying he was referring to an obligation to follow justice and to love mercy.

As the Senator continued with his description of “the mandate” he also added “to walk humbly” … but that’s where his description of “The Micah Mandate” ended because he apparently did not believe it was important enough to add “with your God” which was the purpose of the given mandate to Israel from Micah the prophet of the said God.

Read Micah 6:8 in its context and you’ll see that this text offers no salve to the seared conscience of the current US Senator who vigorously promotes abortion, ungodly sexual behavior of the heterosexual and homosexual variety, “recreational” drug use, and the castigation of personal responsibility.

In Micah’s letter and mandate you will find a strong rebuke of Israel from God for their abandonment of righteous principles by following blind leaders as well as an ending plea for grace (and a “middle” prophecy of the coming Christ) … but this grace would only be needed if judgment were a reality.

You see, Micah’s letter also warns, with vivid imagery in Micah 1, that a holy God will move with judgment against all who feign a form of godliness from the LORD while promoting and living according to the gods of the nations.

This is why the point of “The Micah Mandate” is that a people who have been taught what is good, and have experienced what is actually good – these people will have no excuse when they receive the bad that God has a right to give.

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