The most stirring sermon I’ve ever hear…

The most stirring sermon I’ve ever heard? I’ve listened to many stirring sermons, can’t remember the title of any of them, but have been spiritually fed by all of them. It’s kind of like eating. I can’t remember what I ate last week, but I know I was fed sufficiently. 🙂

The two preachers of the gospel that stand out in my mind in the past 40 years, were Jimmy Allen and Avon Malone. The reason they were good proclaimers, was because they truly believed in the product they were selling – the gospel, and that makes all the difference in the world. Bro. Avon was a master at teaching Paul’s prison epistles – no one better in my view. Bro. Jimmy could stir the soul to action through his preaching, and did in the several crusades that he was a part of back in the 60’s and 70’s.

Here’s an article by Bro. Jimmy that is eye-opening:

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