The New Year Will Bring Changes

In January 1982 we moved into the old farmhouse. In January 2010 we plan to move again if it all comes together. I’m sure getting tired of all this moving. It’s a big change.

Our daughter, her husband, and my granddaughter, will live in the farmhouse. In June they expect to be joined by one more little person bringing our total number of grandchildren to two. We are excited with this change as well.

Our church family continues to grow and mature. Many of our kids have made their way back home, some with spouses in tow. We have been transformed from a little country church concerned about surviving to a small thriving church with great potential. Our young singles, couples and families are proving themselves very responsible and making the most of every opportunity to grow. They are stepping up and stepping into responsible roles across the board. For this we thank God and ask he use our church family to his highest glory. This change and the promise for the new year excite me most.