The next weeks

During my family’s travels in the U.S., Daniel and, perhaps later, Stephen will be throwing out the Daily Nudge to the Fellows and visitors. They start today. Daniel’s Nudges may well appear somewhat later in the morning, since he’s out west. I appreciate them taking this on to help keep things flowing.

Also, I appeal to the Fellows not to flag in their posts, but to ramp it up even more, since I may not be around as much. With time, we tend to slack up in our efforts. So this is my “Epistle to the Hebrews” for you to maintain the same eagerness here in TFR as at the beginning (Heb. 6:11-12).

Finally, please pray for us as we travel this afternoon and throughout the night: for safety in our flights and driving, success in our objectives and health during the duress of the trip.

We look forward to seeing family and many friends, hoping that you may be in that number the sight of whom will be a joy and blessing to us.