The Old Cowboy earlier on a couple of…

The Old Cowboy earlier on a couple of social networks posted a quote about being a servant. Thinking about that designation I am always reminded of the articles and books that are written about some of the great brotherhood preachers. Some where in the first couple of paragraphs they are always called “great servants.” I expect most are or were. My offering today is not about one of them, and some will find it interesting it is about a quiet and old humble Nebraska farmer and not an Oklahoma coboy. This time I will not use his name because some of the family are still around and they are some what private folks.

For all the years I knew this old farmer he and his bride lived about twenty-five miles north of where I sit at this computer. He drove an old pickup most of the time I knew him. Every Sunday morning when we arrived at the church building, we discovered he and his bride had been there a while. Snow, rain, or sunshine they were always there early. Most folks just noticed that the old farmer and his bride kept the flowerbeds full of bright colorful flowers. However if you paid real attention while you sat in the auditorium, every now and then an individual would go down front and be baptized. It would then be mentioned that this individual had been studying with the old farmner and his bride.

As the years went by age caught up with them, and his beautiful bride had a stroke of two, and had problems geting around. Every Sunday the old farmer would get her up, and fed and dressed and they would be the first ones in the church building parking lot, regardless what the weather was. Often her lipstick wasn’t between the lines, but that didn’t matter. Most folks as they walked into the auditorium would stop and say a few kind wolrds especially to the farmer’s bride. You see she was loved by everyone because of her love and kindness over the years. Now days their son who spent many years driving a big rig down the highways, has more Bible studies going then pretty well anyone. Most days he’s the first one in the parking lot of the church building, come rain or shine. It is simply the story of three great servants in the Lord’s Kingdom. Now, what kind of a servant are you?