The Old Cowboy had a few minutes to…

The Old Cowboy had a few minutes to read a little about the 9 signs of loosing organizations.
1. Fuzzy Vision: Corporate vision and mission don’t inspire people, and people don’t know where the organization is going and what it is trying to achieve in the future.
2. Lack of Leadership Skills: Fear of changes, management is either too directive or too hands off.
3. Discouraging Cluture – The cluture does not inspire people, no shared values, lack of trust, people lose confidence in their leaders and systems.
4. High Bureaucracy: An organizational structure with too many layers.
5. Lack of Initiative: Poor motivation and encouragement. People do not feel their their contributions make a difference.
6. Poor Vertical Communication: People have no clue what the big picture is, and there is too much uncertainity. People don’t know what top-managers are thnking and planning.
7. Poor Cross-functional Collaboration: Lack of cross-functional goals and cross-functional collaboration spirit.
8. Poor Teamwork: No organizational commitment to team culture, a lack of shared and worthwhile goals.
9. Poor Idea and Knowledge Management: Cross-pollination of ideas is not facilitated.

The list was a part of one produced by 1000 Ventures. Why Organizations Fail. Think about it a bit, does this describe any organizations you are a part of? They are all around us.