The Old Cowboy has a full day today…

The Old Cowboy has a full day today so I am around a little earlier then most days. Some events of recent days have caused me to think more about grandfathers and life as a granddad. My mother’s father was was F.O. Prunty, he had been born and raised on a farm in Richie County West Virginia on the side of mountain around Oxford. His life took him from those hills to the oilfields of Oklahoma and the wheat country around Newkirk, Oklhaoma. I first remember him when I was around five or six.. He was already 69 or 70 years old.

As I grew older I learned a great deal from that old man. A lot of that wisdom you read in posts like this. HIs big lesson was that if you were around him or my grandmother Ada Maud, you were going to always be polite and totally honest. He spoke his mind on many subjects, especially politics. He was a born and bread Southern Democrat. This old man taught me how to saddle a horse then how to ride, a little about how to rope a calf, how to milk a cow, and ring a chicken’s neck, how to pump oil, drive the old tractor and when I was old enough I got to drive him around in his old pickup. Most of all he was a true student of history and had a big wall full of history books. He is the reason I have such a love of history.

The sad part of the story is that he lived to be 84 years old. While he did have a couple of Bibles in the big bookcase and I am told was raised around an old Episcopal Methodist Church, I never saw one in his hand. I’ll be sixty-five the first day of December of this year, and like my grandfather I have a lot of books, articles, and a large collection of lessons and sermons I have written. One of these days they will find a new home with my grandkids, and hopefully their grandkids down the road. Don’t be in such a rush in this life, spend some time teaching your kids and grandkids. I expect one day they will put to pen and paper the things they learned as a kid from you. What will they write?