The Old Cowboy has been thinking more about…

The Old Cowboy has been thinking more about our move back to Seminole, Oklahoma. We were back among family and friends. Seminole and Ada, Oklahoma are only thrity-five miles apart so we had stayed in contact with many of our home town friends, so this move was a very easy one. For the next two years this was going to prove to be a very good experience. We too were about to purchase our first house.

Just to the south of our rental house across the drainage ditch was where Mr. Angel lived. I haven’t been able to remember his first name. He was a nice old man who lived alone then and walked just about every place, except when several of us stopped and picked him up. You could tell by talking with him he was lonely, his wife had died several years before and his kids had moved away. Then one day he announced he was moving back East to live with his daughter Jamie. Jamie Angel was a year older then I was and her borther Nigel had been in my class at Seminole High School, years before. When Mr. Angel made it known that the house was for sale Patty and I bought it. We then with a little help from the First National Bank owned our first home.

The house needed quite a bit of work, and it was a pretty good size house as well. To make a long story short Patty’s father Leon Davis and I got to work, and we spent a lot of hours working on that house, In the end it looked very nice and we moved in. This little experience gave me and Leon time to talk about the Bible, being an elder, and about city politics. Our friendship which was already strong grew even more. Years before when I had started hanging around his house and his youngest daughter and wanting to take her out on a date, we would talk. In fact if Patty and I were ever late going any place it was because Leon and I were talking. I also never brought her home on time and strick Leon Davis never said a word to me. Over the years I have come to realize that Leon Davis was the solid, sound and supportive male influence I had never had. It became clear that Leon had done his homework on this Coffman boy that his daughter was dating. From my point of view I had an older male to talk with that wasn’t going to spend his time cussing me. That was a very enjoyable experience.

I am going to save the early story of my involvement as a radio station General Manager and my experience as a Seminole City Council Member for another time.