The Old Cowboy has some more of the…

The Old Cowboy has some more of the story started yesterday. The Gospel Meeting mentioned yesterday while well attended by members of the church in Omaha, the community mostly ignored it. Worst of all the requests for the free Bible Correspondence Course all but died. Sortly after the Gospel Meeting was over we tested several headlines with the members of the congregation and I took them around and asked my neighbors which ones they would respond to. We settled on “How’s Your Relationship with God,” and the requests exploded, one more time. As I said yesterday by the end of 2004 we had one hundred and eighty individuals request the free Basic Bible Teaching correspondence course.

Three people would have never been able to keep up, and the congregation would have learned nothing. One of the men in the congregatin had been a long time elder and Omaha area plant manager. He simply started taking the stacks of lessons to members of the congregation, and handed them a few lessons and stated “we need you to take care of these.” Several took them and told him they could do that, while others said there was no way they could take care of them. What we did was provide an answer sheet, even though the scriptures to answer the questions were given in the body of the lesson. We too had several men who were always available to answer any of the hard questions folks had presented to them. Gary, my preacher friend began to preach a forty (40) lesson Basic Bible Teaching series on Sunday mornings. We too taught a simple Bible Study series on Wednesday nights. Each of the Sunday morning Basic Bible Teaching sermons were recorded on cassette and CD, and copies were available right after services were over. The CD duplicator makes nine copies in three and a half minutes, and the cassette duplicator three. At this point an interesting thing was taking place, we were seeing several visitors from the community each Sunday morning and night. The visitors coupled with the members were taking from eight to fifteen copies of the sermons out of the door each Sunday. We then began to offer the lessons to those who called requesting the Bible Studies. Just to make a point with this, in two and a half years twenty thousand copies of the Basic Bible Teaching study series walked out of the door or were mailed, and yes I did say twenty thousand in a city of 3000,000. The same Basic Bible Teaching series was preached again recently and the results are in line with the first time it was preached.

This Old Cowboy will get into some of the other details tomorrow, after this sinks in a bit. What I want you to see at this point is that through this entire effort, simple Bible truth has been taught. Nothing has been glossed over. They are lessons that are taught in an easy to understand format and any and all questions asked by the individuals taking the course are answered The other factor is that currently over half of the congregation is involved in working with the ones taking the Bible Correspondence Course, and at any one time several, one-on-one Bible Studies are being conducted. There is more to say about the details, however that will come tomorrow.